Rolling in from Thunder Bay Ontario, Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company brings the flavors like no other. Their crew is incredibly passionate and their work shows in their distinct hot sauce flavors and consistency... so much so that we partnered with them to create our 4th Anniversary sauce!

A brief background on how Heartbeat got its start.
The local pepper farmer that supplied the Restaurant Al and I worked at sold us the remainder of his crop at the end of the 2015 season. We spent the majority of that fall and winter learning to ferment as a means of preservation as well as making recipes from all the varieties of peppers we had. We really fell in love with the Red Habanero and the sauce we made with them and started giving it to friends. Soon we realized we were into something more than a hobby.

Have you always loved spicy food? What’s your earliest memory of eating something spicy?
My brother is the oldest of four and I am the youngest. He used to dip sour patch kids in Tabasco and trick me in to eating them when I was little. It was a nightmare at the time but I believe it developed my palette at a rapid pace. Love ya, Dave.

What should every hot sauce lover try at least once in their life? Whichever peppers your favourite Hot Sauces are based on, see if you can try those peppers on their own. It gives you a real respect and understanding of how much flavour comes in these tiny packages. Also, we can’t say enough about our hot sauce (red habanero) and peanut butter sandwiches, so please try that too.

Recommend your favorite restaurant and your go-to item to order:
-Tomlin Restaurant in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Go on a Wednesday and order the Heartbeat Hot Sauce Fried Chicken Sandwich. Shout out to the Tomlin Crew!
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put hot sauce on?
For a stint in the summer we were filling raspberries with hot sauce, like little sauce-bombs. You start seeing food as a hot sauce vessel. Bugles also work really well for this purpose. At some point you just start eating sauce off the back of your hand, which is when you know you really have a problem.

What made you want to do this full time?
A big part of it was the challenge and curiosity as to where we could take it and the excitement of sharing the sauce with as many people as possible. Carving out a unique life for ourselves as a couple was too tempting to pass up.

What is your favorite food to eat with your sauce?
The (Heatonist) #4 is really proving its versatility in our house. We are eating it on everything and really recommend pairing it with Barbecued or Roasted meats. The strong savory and umami notes take it to a new level. Oh and pasta or potato salad. Its gonna be a great summer sauce.

What pepper would you be and why?
A Bolivian Rainbow Pepper. I first saw these peppers in the Heatonist Garden and they stop you in your tracks. They remind me of Christmas Lights. The plant just looks like a super fun party to be at, if you were a pepper.

What was the last thing you ate?
Fro-Yo at the Movie Theatre loaded with Reeses peanut butter cups...I made Al take me to see Endgame, he legitimately asked me if Captain Planet was in it and he thought Thanos was played by Ron Perlman. We have different taste in movies but the same taste in Food.