Hot Ones | The Constrictor
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Hot Ones | The Constrictor

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The most deadly of the new trio of hot sauces from Hot Ones The Game Show! The Constrictor is the first and only sauce in the world made with Reaper Blood, a proprietary distillate made by reducing Carolina Reaper peppers to their core essence. Each bottle of sauce contains more than 36 Carolina Reaper peppers and not much else. Luckily, Carolina Reapers themselves have a sweet pepper flavor that lends enough interest to almost make this sauce pleasant - right before a suffocating heat kicks in. This is the new option for the most courageous pepperheads. 

We enlisted tattoo artists to bring to life the label art for each sauce label on Hot Ones The Game Show. The artwork for Hot Ones The Constrictor is by BJ Betts @bjbetts

Ingredients: Carolina Reaper peppers, organic vinegar, Carolina Reaper pepper powder, Carolina Reaper distillate

Size: 5 oz