Puckerbutt | Chocolate Plague
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Puckerbutt | Chocolate Plague

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More than 90% of each bottle of this sauce is pure Chocolate Bhutlah, a mysterious pepper whispered by some to be the world's hottest. This ferocious warrior pepper is a cross between the bhut jolokia (aka ghost pepper) and chocolate douglah, pairing the ghost pepper's sustained building heat with the immediate face shredding power of the douglah. The upshot is a pepper and sauce with the awesome flavor and heat profiles of two of the world's greats, unbeatable for heating up stews and kicking marinades to the moon. Or just eat some on a spoon if you like to get freaky. 

Ingredients: Chocolate Buttlah pepper mash ( Chocolate Buttlah pepper mash and vinegar), distilled vinegar and pepper powder. 

Size: 5 oz