Queen Majesty | Charcoal Ghost
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Queen Majesty | Charcoal Ghost

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The color of this sauce alludes to the mystery of its flavor. Even before tasting, the aromas of ginger and plum hit your nose and excite the senses. As it unfolds on your tongue you are taken on a journey, from tart notes of apple cider vinegar and black plum, to the heat of habanero meeting the sweetness of orange in the middle mouth, finishing with a garlic and ghost pepper drawn out finish. On first bite you don't know what to think. The only thing you know is that you want more. Queen Majesty Charcoal Ghost Hot Sauce is handmade in Brooklyn, NY using carefully selected ingredients. This all natural recipe was created in collaboration with HEATONIST in celebration of the 2nd anniversary of our hot sauce tasting room on Wythe Avenue. This sauce owes it's dark hue to activated coconut shell charcoal, a mild ingredient with detoxifying properties.

Ingredients: White vinegar, black plums, sweet onions. apple cider vinegar, orange juice, ghost pepper, ginger root, garlic, papilla negro, chipotle, activated charcoal, olive oil, salt and spices

Size: 5 oz